Walter Beltrami


"A unique sense of melody" "a guitarist well worth watching [...]"

"Electrifying melodic and rhythmic motifs and incendiary guitar lines. Beltrami showcases his flair as a composer and his artistry as a guitarist in expansive and intricate terms manifested in music that packs a soul-stirring wallop."

Jazz Magazine France

"A surdoué qui ne peut laisser indifférent!" 

"Instrumentation originale, gros son et énergie proches du rock ou délicatesse mélodique."


The New York City Jazz Record

"Tight, fast-changing, sometimes portentous, sometimes catchy. With his imaginative use of rock idioms, Beltrami has created an exciting set packed with visceral thrills."

Musica Jazz

"A masterpiece! A work of absolute quality by one of the most interesting voice of Contemporary Guitar."

Cuadernos de Jazz

"A brave and exciting guitarist" "the best marriage between jazz and rock I listened to since a very long time." ["Guitarrista osado y excitante" "el mejor hermanamiento entre jazz y rock que yo haya escuchado en muchísimo tiempo."]

Audio Review

"The best Italian cd of the year! The future? It's already here!"


"Authentic musical poetry!" ["Une véritable poesie musicale!"]


Downtown Music Gallery

"Each song has a riff to remember with a great groove as well. Although the sax and guitar solos are consistently spirited, it is those swell rock/jazz melodies that stand out throughout. This music seems to have more in common with contemporary rock music (like Radiohead or Wilco) than with most jazz although the solos are in between any established genres." 

Il Fatto Quotidiano

"A jazz jewel which is a must in everybody's cd collection!"


"A masterpiece! The very best we happened to listen to in the current Year!"

Corriere della Sera

"Brave, Irriverent and genius!" [Sfrontato, dissacrante, geniale!]


Freejazz Blog

"Clever, subtle and creative!"